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Creating a stunning vision board

Our brains have amazing capabilities when properly utilized. Tapping into one's personal power requires using specific techniques that can transform habits and life circumstances. Having a vision board is a powerful tool which acts as a daily reminder of long term goals, similar to a "bucket list." Yet we are sensory creatures by nature, and using sensory approaches to goal setting can be quite effective. For instance, if you close your eyes and remember a beautiful vacation spot, recalling the sights, sounds and feelings you had at the time, you become a bit happier and more relaxed. It reminds you of the importance of getting away from it all. You may even start to look at flights or hotels. That memory, paired with your sensing and feeling, created some action.

That's why having a vision board can be very helpful in making dreams into reality. The process of working on the board creates subconscious change in your perception of what is possible. It is easy to fall into a rut and do the same thing over and over again, rather then focusing on the possibilities which your heart wishes for. Vision boards are a fun and exciting process to create change in your life and move towards your goals.

While it is more tactile in nature to actually cut out photos from a magazine, I've found that most of my clients rarely have magazine subscriptions any longer. You can print photos from the internet or from a digital magazine subscription, but the most important factor is to get started. Starting any project can seem daunting at first, and the easiest way to get motivated is by using the pleasure principle, and making the vision board fun.

A vision board is a visual representation of your goals, dreams, and desires. It’s a tool to help you visualize what you want in life. It is important to do some work prior to selecting photos. Take out a journal, and ask yourself a few questions. If you could do or have anything, what would it be? Make sure to get really specific. What and who inspires you?

Then, with those questions in mind, begin writing your bucket list. Next, think with intention about those things on your bucket list that evoke a lot of emotion. Lastly, decide which of those that evoke emotion are in alignment with your highest values. Then, break those down into what you want to work on in one year, in the next five years, and beyond.

Vision boards aren't static, they can change and grow with you throughout your lifetime. For now, select all of the goals on your one year bucket list, and a few from the five and beyond list. Remember not to feel boxed in, because you can change and alter it as needed. You can also add phrases and quotes that are meaningful to you.

When you are ready, you can certainly use the poster board option, but I love using a secret board on Pinterest. It has millions of images to pin from, which makes it a wonderful format to create a vision board. Begin looking for photos just for fun, in areas such as travel, health, career, family, friends, relationships and experiences. The ones that make you feel happy and exhilarated likely correlate with your goal/bucket list. Continue to work on collecting your pins daily for a couple of weeks. Take a week off, and then go back to determine which pins are the most compelling, that fit in with your bucket list/goal project, and keep those pins for your final vision board. If you prefer to have one for each category of life, such as one for health and one for career, that is perfectly fine. Whatever resonates with you, is what you will find the most helpful.

Congratulations, you have your vision board! Be sure to look at it daily. It is possible to print the pins individually, if you prefer to paste them on a physical poster board. If you are creative, you can use a program such as Canva to make a collage and print it out. The most important element is to see it daily, since you are planting little seeds in your perception, and opening up room for change and growth. By using a vision board, you will have a strong foundation to actualize your dreams and goals. Inspiration through visualization is a wonderful way to make dreams happen!

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