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Stress Management for a Better Tomorrow Create a Fulfilling Life 

The Stress Management Program That Positions individuals

 and Companies for Growth

Workplace Stress Management Workshops

Create Positive Behavior Change

When we don’t properly manage our stress, we face significant consequences. Chronic stress can create physical symptoms such as low energy, headaches, stomach problems, and suppressed immunity. Stress can also create emotional and behavioral symptoms such as anxiety, forgetfulness, irritability and procrastination. Chronic stress can affect your mood, leading to a downward spiral if left unchecked.

As a licensed therapist and employee assistance professional, I am uniquely positioned to add significant value to organizations. I offer a personal, customized program for your company’s individual needs.


Stress can be a major health problem that can seriously affect wellbeing.


By taking a proactive choice in stress management training, companies can reach their healthiest state, positioned for growth. Great stress management leads to better engagement in life and relationships, lowers company expenses, opportunities for innovation and more.


-  Sandra M. Shern,  LMHC, CEAP, SHRM-SPC


Stress Management Solutions

Business Team

Workshops that focus on stress management techniques helps to optimize the workplace and increase morale and engagement.

How it Works?


Contact me to connect about your needs

We decide to partner together

I develop your program based on those needs

We go through the program

You acquire the techniques to manage stress for health & wellbeing

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